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How to save money on energy consumption?

 Saving money on electricity bills is not possible by simply switching service providers, as resources such as water, gas and electricity are most often provided by a single company. For this reason, the only way you can try to reduce your electricity consumption is to be creative and think of other ways to save electricity. Here are some ways you can reduce your electricity consumption and, therefore, your bill.

Purchase a programmable thermostat

A large part of the utility bill is made up of housing heating costs. Today, there are still unregulated dwellings, but there are just as many dwellings where the residents can regulate the temperature of the dwelling themselves and pay for it accordingly. Of course, the home temperature can be controlled manually, but it can also be done automatically by installing a programmable thermostat, also known today as smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can reduce the temperature of the home while the residents are away, but increase it when the residents return home. These thermostats are programmable according to your wishes and needs. Although the purchase of such a thermostat is not a cheap pleasure, it pays off very quickly, as heating bills are rapidly decreasing.

Get out of your comfort zone

Reduce the temperature of your home by a few degrees – the room temperature may not be as comfortable as you would like it to be, but the amount of heat consumed will decrease significantly with your heating bills. Of course, you do not have to lower the temperature so that you are forced to wear three layers of clothing or stay under a blanket, but reducing it by a few degrees would not hurt anyone and save you money.

Use energy saving devices

Most of the electrical equipment available today consumes electricity even when it is switched off because it is not disconnected from the mains. Many different types of power saving devices are available today, but all have the same function of blocking any power flow when a particular device is turned off but not unplugged.

Save at the expense of a water heater

Water heating usually accounts for 14% – 25% of the total utility bill. If you have your own water heater or boiler, this amount can be even higher, as its temperature is often set higher than you really need. You should know that every 10 degrees you reduce the temperature of your water heater reduces the amount of your water heating bill by 3% to 5%. However, be careful not to reduce the temperature too much as this may cause the water heater to multiply unwanted bacteria. You can also cover your water heater with a fiberglass cloth to reduce heat loss.

Perform an energy audit of your home to find and correct defects

Find a home energy auditing company and ask them to evaluate your home’s energy consumption to identify deficiencies and effectively address them by reducing your energy bill.

Maintain all appliances

Performing even seemingly insignificant tasks such as regular cleaning of the air conditioner coils and replacement of the oven filters can reduce energy consumption and hence the cost. Without these and other tasks, devices are harder to operate and therefore consume more energy than they should.

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