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Why Women Really Do Deserve Cheap Car Insurance

 Flicking through the paper the other night, I found a story that made my other half howl with laughter. I, on the other hand, didn't find it quite so funny.

Why women really do deserve cheap car insurance

The article in question was about how women in Saudi Arabia, who have all been banned from driving for years, were forbidden from using golf carts at a recent cultural festival. Men were allowed to use them, but when it came to the women's day, all the carts were removed and the ladies had to walk.

"Brilliant," my soon-to-be-ex shouted, "No women drivers; they should do that over here and then we wouldn't have any accidents, just think how much safer it'd be."

I refused to rise to his childishness and sent him off to do the ironing, but the disturbing thing is that he actually meant it. He really believes that us girls are bad drivers, and that him and his silly little friends are somehow superior when they get behind the wheel.

I guess the man versus woman debate has been raging for years, and the chances are it's going to keep going until we're all old, grey and wrinkly. But you and I both know the truth, and I reckon all those blokes out there secretly do as well- they're just way too stubborn and proud to admit it.

Not matter how much they argue or many times they have a sulk and throw their toys out of the pram, they're not going to win. Because you, Mrs, have got the facts on your side. So let's check out those facts shall we?

Firstly, cheap car insurance for women. That's got to mean something. There's obviously a reason why our premiums are way cheaper than our menfolk's, and we all know what it is. Official statistics show that men are involved in far more car accidents than women, and you can't argue with statistics now can you.

Early last year the EU attempted to make it illegal to take gender into account when working out the price of a motor insurance policy, but the PC-gone-mad move was blocked at the last minute. If it had gone through, we would've had to kiss goodbye to our women's car insurance discount and instead fork out to cover the folly of male drivers- hardly fair.

There are, in fact, psychological reasons why men are worse drivers and it's nothing to do with their tiny football-obsessed brains, although that probably doesn't help. They're far more likely to take risks when they're driving, thus putting themselves and other road users at risk. I actually used to go out with a bloke who would turn the lights of his car off as he was speeding at night along pitch-black country lanes, 'just to see what would happen'. Note that I said I used to go out with him.

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Dr Narendra Kinger tries to give us a clue inside men's heads and says, "Road rage and drunken driving are manifestations of risk-taking. Men are more likely to slip up here, as they are programmed to be more indifferent to the risk factor than women."

The fact that men accounted for 93% of convicted drink-drivers in 2003 backs up what the professionals are saying, and evidence that proves men are three times more likely to die in a car crash goes yet further in confirming our status as the roads' best.

Other statistics that prove our dominance come from research undertaken by road safety charity Brake. According to their findings, 44% of men have used mobile phones while driving, compared with only 30% of women; 20% of men have fallen asleep at the wheel, in contrast to only 6% of women; and 22% of men said they would drive at 7am after a heavy night on the booze, compared to just 11% of women. Maybe men are just more honest, but I doubt it.

Looking at all those facts it really is no surprise that women's car insurance is cheaper. But after looking at all the evidence and statistics, is it actually because we've got better driving skills, or is simply because we don't do stupid things?

It's common knowledge, as much as we try to deny it, that us girls find it harder to parallel park and read maps. This is because we're predominantly right-brained, which means our spatial awareness and ability to visualise three-dimensional space is a little underdeveloped. Despite this, it's fair to say that we're slightly more sensible on the road, we don't consider it a personal affront when a learner driver, a Smart Car or, heaven forbid, a woman, overtakes us, and we're not so easily distracted by the world flashing by outside the window.

One man, who preferred not to be named, was involved in a smash at a junction and when asked to explain what happened, he told his car insurance company, "I had one eye on a parked car, another on approaching lorries, and another on the woman behind."

Need I say more?

You probably know, and if you didn't before then you should do now, that as a woman, car insurance is one of those things that we can save money on. In the last few years several online firms have appeared that specialise in offering fabulous prices on women's car insurance, meaning that you can use your extra pennies for the more important things in life.

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