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Cheapest Car Insurance Quote - There are many ways for us to get the cheapest car insurance quote; all we have to do is explore our options. When your insurance is about to expire don’t just accept the renewal offer from your car insurance company, check other companies and their quotes. Maybe there is a better offer for you. Also don’t automatically accept the insurances offers at your car dealership as they rarely have the best offer.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quote

If you can afford it would be best to pay your insurance in full, because monthly payments can cost you up to 30% more of the total sum for your car insurance. And if you do prefer to pay by credit card try to find one with 0% interest rate.

The next thing any person can do is to be a careful driver. If you have a clean record you are considered a safe driver by the insurance company, and if you haven’t made any insurance claims your rates may drastically fall. If you manage to go 5 years with no insurance claims you can save up to 75% because your no claims bonus can be transferred to any insurance company. Some insurance companies may offer you to protect the no claims bonus which means if you do get into a minor accident you will be forgiven on account of those safe driving years you had. Also any charges against you may influence your car insurance rates, so always obey traffic laws and drive safe.

Choose a less expensive vehicle, that has all extra safety equipment and that is by all standards considered safe, like a Volvo for example. Expensive vehicles bring with them higher car insurance rates as they have more expensive parts. Small cars are also considered low risk vehicles so they come with a lower insurance premium. Any sort of bodywork and excessive equipment modification for the purpose of boosting your vehicle speed and looks may be added to your premiums. So that way you can only dream of the cheapest car insurance quotes as they will not apply to you.

Where you park your car is also important to car insurance companies. If you park your car at night in a safe place like a private garage or special locked parking lot that can affect your rates in a positive way. Also the place where you live may be considered high risk postal code and add to your premium. And so does the place you work. If you work in an office it is less likely that you will have an accident than a person who drives for a living.

So if you are able to follow those guidelines you might just get the cheapest car insurance quotes.

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