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Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance If You’re a Racing Driver?

 So, you enjoy driving, love the thrill of controlling a powerful machine and have a passion for beautiful cars? Have you ever considered a career in the automotive industry?

Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance If You’re a Racing Driver

Although jobs relating to cars have traditionally been dominated by men, brought up to admire anything on wheels, women are now opening their eyes to the opportunities that are readily available for a female car enthusiast. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl; the main requirement for working with cars is a passion for all things oily and fast.

So, whatever you enjoy, be it driving fast cars, tinkering under the bonnet, visualising your dream motor or teaching others the skills they need to get behind the wheel, your future could lie with the boys.

Car jobs

The opportunities for car enthusiasts are extremely varied, from taxi driver or mechanic to car designer or racing driver. CoverGirl Car Insurance Services has rounded up three of the most popular car jobs and explains what it takes to follow your dreams.

Mechanic/Motor technician

Many women are turning to practical jobs. Being a mechanic may not be one of the most glamorous roles but many women harbour a desire to get away from their 9-5 desk job and do something more hands on. A mechanic will carry out a wide variety of tasks day to day, anything from carrying out and MOT, vehicle repairs, body work and safety checks. There is also the opportunity to specialise in certain areas such as electrics, re-sprays or in types of vehicle, for example if you love a classic you could specialise in Bentleys or Rollers!

There is fair competition for jobs as a mechanic which is why many people choose to become an apprentice in order to earn whilst they learn. No qualifications are normally needed to do an apprenticeship although good levels of numeracy and literacy are required. There are a variety of courses that you can do to learn how to become a motor mechanic. Most local colleges run NVQ or City and Guilds courses in motor vehicle repairs, welding, electronics and fabrication.

It may be useful to carry out work experience with a local garage to find out if it really is for you. If you are a good communicator, a quick learner and enjoy manual work then it could be your destiny.

Racing driver

Becoming a racing driver may be the dream of thousands of men and women around the world but the unfortunate truth is that Formula One is out of grasp for the majority of people. Most Formula One drivers began racing at the age of 5 or 6 and most have had the backing of rich parents. To become top of the field you need to be very good at what you do and be extremely dedicated.

However, all is not lost. There are many types of motor racing, including; Formula, Stock Car, Rally, Drag, and Karting. It may be easier to become a professional if you realise that Formula One is probably not an option. If you start out at a fairly young age then it is possible to excel at one of the other types of race driving. It will take considerable investment and eventually the help of a sponsor but if your dream is to hurtle along the road or around a track in a super fast car, then you may be in with a chance! See for more information.

Car designer

Becoming a car designer means that you will be able to decide how a car should look, the type of engine it will have and what new features it will incorporate. It sounds like a dream for car enthusiasts but how do you get there?

Becoming a car designer takes lots of technical knowledge. It’s not just about drawing pretty pictures of cars, so becoming a designer requires qualifications.

There are lots of degree courses that you can take to give you the qualifications to succeed in this competitive field. You will also need to be artistic, mathematically minded and good at science. Two examples of a good courses that you can take are the Motorsport Technology BSc (Hons) at Oxford Brookes and the BEng (Hons), BSc (Hons) and FdEng  Car and Motorsport Technologies at NE Wales University Check out the websites to see if you have the aptitude to take a degree course in car design. Every year the UK motor industry employs thousands of graduates. Qualified and talented designers are always needed but be prepared to put in the hard graft to get to the top.

Get cheap car insurance

While you’re working your way to the top of your game you’ll need to remember the day to day aspects of owning a car! The good news is that if you’re planning to study in order to enter the motor trade, car insurance need not be costly, great news for a student on a budget!

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